Treatment Options

Treatment does not always mean surgery, and Mark is fortunate to work with an extremely competent team of professionals, including Andy Maggs, physiotherapist at Sancta Maria Hospital, and a network of local expert practitioners. 

If surgery is the right course for you, during your appointment we will discuss all the options available. These may include the use of  laser-guided hip replacement and custom knee replacement surgery. For the last fifteen years, Mark has practiced the technique of minimally invasive, muscle-sparing surgery for both hip and knee replacements. This means that muscles are move aside rather than cut during the operation, meaning that post-operative rehabilitation is usually faster and that the long-term result is improved. 

As well as choosing your surgeon, it is important to be confident in your anaesthetist; the anaesthetic team working with Mark are extremely experienced and specialise in rapid recovery and enhanced rehabilitation. Due to the combination of light sedation and motor-sparing nerve blocks used, we have a very low rated of post-operative sickness and early mobilisation is possible, usually on the day of surgery. 

The self-paying package at the Sancta Maria Hospital includes up to three follow-up visits. Longer-term follow-up (more than six months post-operatively) can take place in Mark’s  NHS clinic at Morriston Hospital if required.